Essential link in the land chain in Côte d’Ivoire, the Expert Geometer, specialist in urban and rural land development, professional indispensable but misunderstood rightly or wrongly, would like to occupy all the place that is his own by law 70 -487 of August 3, 1970 instituting the Order by regulating the Title and the profession.
To better bring the Expert Geometer closer to the people, an ambitious program of regionalization has emerged; which program consists of installing in all regions of Côte d’Ivoire at least two Expert Surveyors.
This, in order to advise and support our local communities and landowners in the various projects of development and extension of their cities but also to contribute to the vast program of delimitation of village territories and parcels initiated by the government.
This action makes it possible to limit and drastically reduce the proliferation and the existence of « false surveyors » who make subdivisions in defiance of legal or regulatory texts.
From now on, the populations will be able to address to the Expert Geometer, major actor of the regional planning in the vicinity to benefit from his wise advices in the securing of their property inheritance. « 

In order to mark the presence of expert surveyors in these localities, the Order of Expert Surveyors initiated this day entitled « OGECI day » whose first edition will be held in Daloa on October 31, 2019 at the prefecture in the presence of all actors in the land chain of Haut-Sassandra and Marahoué regions.