Good management condominium of a building prior to requires precise and strict definition of different spaces within it. A benefit that surveyors provide through their technical and legal expertise.


The surveyor is authorized to draft documents to govern all built building whose ownership is divided in lots comprising a private part and a share of common areas.

He drew up plans of interiors (existing buildings) and operates the plans of the project owner (buildings to build) to write the « division description » which define the units and common areas. It then calculates the shares of common parts related to each unit and those charges common equipment. He also writes the joint ownership agreement.


The surveyor establishes the necessary documents for the management of property complexes, part of the property may fall within the public domain. For this, it identifies the different volumes together the component with plans and sections drawn from regular sunrises (existing buildings) or documents provided by the client (buildings for sale in the future state of ‘completion). It also establishes a division description in volumes. It develops the statutes of the trade association responsible for the management of the real estate.