By training and expertise, the surveyor is competent to carry out many topographical services to meet the needs of a diverse clientele: individuals, contractors, building owners, real estate professionals, managers’ works.


The surveyor technician is a man or a woman outdoor and office. It handmade statements that transposes. It also uses modern and sophisticated measuring instruments. He masters the computer, indispensable tool for calculations, CAD, GIS (Geographic Information System). He fixed the exact boundaries of land ownership. He participated in the development of a building survey documents, operates the calculation notes and preparing working drawings. As head of the project, prepare the work, identifies with personnel and equipment needs, the book breaks down into elementary books, describes the work, distributes tasks follows the work. Finally site, it supports billing. It is made in economic management based on work.

It has a coordinating role between office and site, documents and real activity. The surveyor technician is a valuable contributor to the surveyor. He has a perfect understanding of the regulations and laws. The work environment of the topographer surveyor technician is strongly imbued with administrative knowledge, economic and legal. Its business decision support in the areas of prevention of major risks, management of transport and travel, the diagnosis of local roads, the inventory of social housing, network management (sanitation, drinking water, electricity, telecommunications), street furniture (street lighting) ..